Spring Water Range

250ml PET mini

600ml PET

1000ml PET

350ml round PET

600ml round PET

1.5L round PET

4L bulk PET

Lightly Sparkling Range

We use pure Australian spring water with a natural balance of minerals in our lightly sparkling range.

Nu-Pure 500ml
Lightly Sparkling PET

Health Services Range

Nu-Pure 600ml
Health Services PET

Private Label Range

350ml Round PET

600ml Round PET

1.5L Round PET

Examples of Our Customer Packs

Aldi 600ml Round PET 24 Pack Nested

Kirklands 600ml Round PET 30 Pack Nested

Woolworths 600ml Round PET 24 Pack Nested

Ever had a lightweight PET bottle that collapses in your hand after drinking? Not Us! We have designed our lightweight PET bottles to remain strong both full and empty. This unique design allows us to use less plastic, whilst still delivering the best possible customer and consumer experience. Nu-Pure’s unique nested pack format means we can fit up to 20% more cases per pallet. This means more stock per truck, and less trucks on the road each year.

Ultra Purified Drinking Water

Our Ultra Purified Drinking Water is meticulously filtered using our 7-step purification process so it’s free from impurities.

ULTRA 600ml Purified Drinking Water PET

ULTRA 1.5L Purified Drinking Water PET

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. Most bottled water is anywhere from 5-8 pH, while H2O+ and aka+ Alkaline Water has a pH of 9.5+.

H2O+ 600ml Square PET

H2O+ 1 Litre Square PET

AKA+ 1 Litre Square PET