Nu-Pure Beverages

Nu-Pure is committed to sustainability

Here at Nu-Pure we have always recognised the critical importance of sustainable solutions within our business.

We pride ourselves on our sustainability journey and our dedication to innovation. From our unique bottle designs to our industry leading lightweight packaging, we take sustainability seriously!

We are excited to announce the next step in our sustainability journey. Nu-Pure has recently completed the installation of an impressive and intricate Solar Panel System across all three manufacturing plants.

Reduce our emissions by over 4,700tonnes of CO2 per year


2.25MW Solar


750kVA Generator

The Solar Project aims to offset the consumption of each site, delivering cleaner, more affordable, and more effective production. Our combined solar panels will cover an area of 35 basketball courts, will be drawing over 30% less electricity from the grid, and will reduce our emissions by over 4,700tonnes of CO2 per year. This is the equivalent to 1500 cars off the road each year. To take this a step further, our Sydney site draws electricity from 100% certified carbon neutral sources!

We firmly believe in continuing to grow and improve sustainability within all business aspects to make Nu-Pure the best water supplier, community partner and employer that we can be.

Together we can make a difference.