Alkaline Water


What is Alkaline water?

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. A pH number indicates the acidity of a substance. It ranges from 1 to 14 – a lower number indicates it’s more acidic, a higher number indicates it’s more alkaline. Most bottled water is anywhere from 5-8 pH, while our H2O+ alkaline water has a pH of 9.5+. Some choose alkaline water because it complements their diet, others just enjoy the taste!


Why the plus?

H2O+ is not just water. We use advanced technology to create an optimally alkaline water with added electrolytes for improved hydration and quality.

How is it produced?

We use advanced technology to produce a water you’ll love. We start by using micro filtration and reverse osmosis to remove impurities from the water, so you get the best quality water from the outset. Next up, we use electrolysis and ionization to change the chemical composition of the water, which results in a higher pH. Then we add in electrolytes – AKA, essential minerals – to give your water the best taste and mouthfeel. Yes, we take our water really seriously! Finally, it’s all bottled up in our lightweight packaging that’s completely recyclable after use.

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What makes H2O+ different?

H2O+ is different to many other alkaline waters. Naturally sourced alkaline water can sometimes leave a bitter taste in your mouth – literally! Our proprietary ionisation process raises the pH above 9.5, while also allowing us to remove the bitter tasting ions which can naturally occur in water with a high pH. We replace these with electrolytes for a crisp tasting water that’s truly refreshing.


Why choose H2O+

Alkaline water is often enjoyed as part of an alkaline diet. This diet is by no means a new fad – opting for alkaline foods has been a common practice in alternative medicine for many years. At H2O+, we recognise there’s debate around this diet. However, our mission is to provide consumers with hydration options that suit their lifestyle. So, whether you’re searching for a water that complements an alkaline diet or you’re simply looking for a healthy, refreshing beverage, H2O+ is a great choice.


A game-changing alkaline water has landed at your local supermarket

Now you don’t have to venture to a health food store to find a quality alkaline water. Introducing AKA+ ionised alkaline water – available exclusively at Coles supermarkets. AKA+ is healthy, refreshing and tastes incredible! This is all thanks to the advanced technology used to create AKA+.

What sets it apart?

There are a few ways that alkaline water is made. Water can be naturally alkaline because of where it is sourced. In some regions, the water is rich in certain minerals that increase its pH. Alkaline water can also be produced by adding minerals in. For AKA+, we do things differently. We purify the water and then use a unique ionisation process to raise the pH and remove acidic ions. After that, electrolytes are added to make AKA+ taste even better.

How does it compare to bottled water?

AKA+ has a pH of 9.5+, which is higher than many regular bottled waters. Taste the difference of AKA+ ionised alkaline water today!